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Welcome to Eschewmenical, the blog for Christianity.StackExchange.com. This is a blog where we will explore different doctrinal perspectives on a variety of topics. Rather than trying to reconcile those perspectives into a single theology we will present each perspective separately so that the reader may fairly evaluate each position.

We will devote each month to a topic and each week will offer a different doctrinal perspective on that topic. This month’s topic is Contraception. This is a rather on point subject as it has been the subject of much political debate in the United States recently. And has been a repeated topic around the Christianity StackExchange.

Christianity has a rich tradition of doctrinal diversity and disagreement and we are seeking to highlight some of that richness and celebrate the doctrinal diversity of our community. Our blog’s goal is not to try to reconcile the different views that exist between Christian groups, but to present several different points of view by each taking a different perspective on the topic. This month’s contributors are:

Please feel free to interact with our contributors through the blog comments, by asking questions on our main site or in our site’s  chat room.

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  • Eeek. Nonsensical American date-style.

    runs screaming for the hills


  • Jon Ericson says:

    @TRiG: All of Latin America and some of Canada (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendar_date#Middle_Endian.2C_starting_with_Month) will be might upset to be lumped in with the US and our strangeness. 😉

  • They’re still American, just not USAnian. 😉

    I didn’t know Latin America had fallen to the dark side. Seriously, it makes no sense.


  • Isn’t there a link missing for the takes deep breath; pinches nose 3/26 post?


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