Eschewmenical Presents “What is the Church?”

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Every week millions of people gather, usually on Sunday (or Saturday, or maybe even another day), usually in the same place. What they do varies, but it usually consists of singing and then listening to someone talk for a bit. Sometimes they gather again midweek, sometimes they go every single day. It’s church, sometimes we go because we want to, sometimes we go because we need to, sometimes we don’t go at all. But how often do we actually think about what it is and why we go?

This month in Eschewmenical we are going to explore the question “What is the church?” This is a rather ponderous question and several facets likely deserve their own entire month of treatment on this blog. However, this month is the general overview.

The church is a relatively common topic on Christianity.SE with several tags devoted to it including “church”, “church-local”, and “church-universal” among others.

What exactly is the church and who it consists of, and how to “do” church are all up for debate in this month’s blog. This month’s contributors are:

  • 5/7 Peter (Catholic—One, holy, catholic, apostolic)
  • 5/14 Chaos Gamer (Berean—What churches everyday should be)
  • 5/21 Jon (Evangelical—The Church struggle)
  • 5/28 Bruce (United Methodist—Walking worthy of the vocation to which we have been called)

So Saturday or Sunday, traditional or modern, universal, local or visible, this month we ask “What is the church?”

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  • Jorge Nunez says:

    Church is the translation of the greek word Ekklesia, which is a common term throughout the Greek Old Testament Scriptures. It is generally used to speak of the assembled worshippers in the Temple or the whole assembly of Israel. However, when it occurs in the New Testament, English translators rarely render it “assembly.”

    The assembling of the congregation helps us understand the origin of the word “church”, Moses returned from atop Mount Sinai and “assembled all the congregation of the sons of Israel.” (Exodus 35:1)

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