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Welcome once again to a new month on Eschewmenical, the blog of Christianity Stackexchange. The purpose of this blog is to choose an issue and highlight different doctrinal perspectives on that issue. This month’s issue is “Christian Conscience in the workplace.” This is an incredibly – and intentionally – broad subject. Because of this we are not even making an attempt to cover every aspect. Authors have been asked to share some thoughts and basically just choose their own adventure on this topic this month. However, it is a subject we are likely to revisit in a narrower capacity both in Q&A on the site and also through more focused treatment on this blog. The workplace also happens to be the theme of one of the newest stack exchange betas. Now on to introduce the topic:

So you’ve grown up a Christian, or maybe you found Christ in college, or maybe even only recently came to know him. Regardless of when or how you met Christ, if you’re an adult, you are likely to be working. Being a Christian and working raises an excellent series of questions:

These are just a few of the questions that are likely on our minds as we enter – or continue – in the workplace as Christians, and (no guarantees here) some of them may get tackled in this series. Others might make excellent posts on the site (if they aren’t there already).

Let’s set our schedule and introduce our authors (note: this schedule is subject to change due to post availability):

  • 6/4 Affable Geek (Episcopal- Jesus is Lord, and Other Hobbies)
  • 6/11 Peter (Catholic—Sins of omission and sins of commission)
  • 6/18 Bruce (United Methodist—justice and dignity in the workplace)
  • 6/25 Jon (Evangelical)

Remember this is Eschewmenical; you don’t have to agree with the authors. In fact you are encouraged to disagree with them (we are eschewing ecumenicism here). Please feel free to post your disagreements or angry rants in the comments or join the authors in our blog chat room.

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