Respect My Authoritah! Biblical Authority Discussion.

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It’s a new month and that means a new topic for our authors to debate here on Eschewmenical. This month we will be tackling the question of Biblical Authority.

The question of how we should read the Bible and how much pull it should have on our daily lives is certainly a contentious one. Different Christian groups maintain that the Bible (and even certain passages within the Bible) have varying degrees of authority in the past and now. There are a variety of reasons for these beliefs and our authors will hopefully cover a good portion of this spectrum. If there is something they don’t cover, feel free to chime in about it in the comments, or by asking questions on Christianity.SE

Authority Has been a much discussed topic on Christianity Stack Exchange and I’m sure this month will spark even more discussion on the subject. So let’s get to it. Our Authors for the month are:

  • 8/6 Bruce (United Methodist—Putting the Bible in Its Place)
  • 8/13 Peter (Catholic – Paine and Providence)
  • 8/20 Jon (Evangelical—How tradition gave us our Bible)
  • 8/27 ?

One final housekeeping note. If you are interested in contributing to our Testimony Time series we are doing it in September and October (and possibly November if we have interest). We are looking for at least 2 more authors. Please sign up on Meta. All are welcome to contribute no matter your religious background or perspective. We want people’s stories.

With that, I’ll get out of the way and leave the floor to our authors. This is Eschewmenical!

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