Peace of Jesus and Mary

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The peace of Jesus is the peace of Mary
as a piece of Mary would be the Person she’d carry.
For where would we be without her yes?
Still waiting for God to clean up our mess
God chose her specific before all the ages
even though He didn’t say so on Biblical pages.

No one can deny that she must have been favored,
but there is some confusion about how hard she labored.
Was it hard for her to say yes to the messenger?
Does a healthy skepticism some how lessen her?
Or was it too simple, if she had no sin?
Was she playing a game in which she had no skin?

These questions and more are the basis for heresies.
But a simpler one came out of the Pharisees.
Who was her Son and why did He care for these,
littlest ones whom He made His inheritees
and how was He different from His parodies
and should we give to each of His charities?

Jesus to Mary was Son, Spouse and Brother
Creator and Redeemer (although undercover)
Mary to Jesus was most truly a mama
but who is better in the thickest drama?
And whose heart could have more love in it
than the one we compare to the ark of the covenant?

For Jesus, to all, is Priest Prophet and King
but Mary’s the quiet voice whom He heard sing.
He gave us sweet Mary for our mother each
so that her peace is not out of our reach.
For although troubles do come into our hearts
she says listen to Jesus and do then your parts.

So as Christmas comes, think a little of Mary,
and a little of Hanna and Sarah who carry
the promise of children that they’d love to have had
and gave them away without appearing sad.
But remember too, the childless and the barren
and this Christmas, let them know that you’re carin’.

The peace of Mary is the Joy that she had
the Joy to the World who makes all nations glad.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • Jon Ericson says:

    Peter, I want to thank you for this poem. We don’t agree on a lot of things when it comes to Mary, but I was touched by the delicate way you described her situation. All week long, I’ve been marveling about how well God plans and how poorly most of us respond to disruptions in our lives. It seems to me that Luke took great care to contrast Mary’s faithful response with Zechariah’s unbelief.

    If our admiration for Mary is extravagant, let our praise to God be doubly so for His meticulousness and loving compassion. How marvelous that He took what the pagans mocked and transformed the ugly and cruel into mercy and exquisite beauty.

  • Peter Turner says:

    Thanks, Jon, I appreciate it! I know you’ve got your little surprises coming soon. But, on the bright side (as if there’s a dark side) you get a chance to totally submit yourself to the role God chose for you.

    People may have an extravagant admiration for Mary in some parts of the world, but I haven’t seen it in my life. I doubt there’s ever been a single prayer to Mary that doesn’t in some way reference her Son.

    What was it you were talking about, that the Pagans mocked though?

    • Jon Ericson says:

      It turns out that one of the first and most consistent attacks on Christianity was that Mary was not a virgin when Jesus was born. (I must have been inspired to wax poetic myself in that comment. 😉 But in another way, the incarnation of God was being mocked by pagan mythology long before Jesus was born in tales of Jupiter/Zeus seducing mortal women. I find Luke’s account to be far more majestic and mysterious than those stories.

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